DELI-icious! - the official cookbook of Joan & Ed's Deli
It's more than a cookbook...
It's a piece of memorabilia and history!
Ever since the closing of Joan & Ed's Deli was announced in June 2010, request for our recipes came flooding in.  For over 33 years in business, Ed had always held these tightly under lock and key.  But now, because of all the requests, we've decided to finally bring
DELI-icous to you.
Many of our recipes took months (if not years) of trial-and-error before we felt they were good enough to serve on the menu…and now to your own kitchen.
The cookbook includes:
  • Some of our (and your) favorite recipes including: cheese kugel, chicken soup, blintzes, stuffed cabbage, potato pancakes and so much more!
  • General cooking tips and variations for each recipe, as well as anecdotes on how we did things at the restaurant.
  • History of Joan & Ed's
  • Comments from customers like you
  • Sayings from our walls
  • Funny stories that have happened over the years
Click Here to see a list of what's inside the book!
We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you!

Joan & Ed Sanderson